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December 7, 2015


Winter Holiday Season Tips for an Asthma-Free Home


We spend a lot more time inside of our house during winter season, and this increases our exposure to asthma triggers such as dust mines, pet dander and cleaning products. In addition, seasonal decorating can bring new sources of irritants into the home as well.



Avoid scented candles; burning candles are a source of irritation that may triggers and asthma attack. An alternative is to buy unscented candles and/or not lighting them. Candles may be used for decoration only.


Holidays Decorations

Ornaments and decorations often have significant levels of dust mines and mold. For this reason, ornaments and decorations should be stored in sealed containers.


Artificial Christmas trees

Depending on how they were stored, artificial trees can be a source of dust and mold. Do not forget to clean/wipe your tree prior to use.


Stress for shopping

Believe it or not, shopping during holidays may be a stressful activity for many people, and stress is well known as an asthma trigger. To avoid it, online shopping is an option.


Cleaning for guest

During this time of the year we received many guest in our house, so we try to keep everything nice and clean for them.  Avoid using air fresheners and furniture polish. Most cleaning can be accomplished with non-toxic cleaning items such as baking soda, borax, soap and water.


Source: Asthma Society of Canada



Respira Sano is a community program designed to provide educational and informative support to Imperial Valley families who have asthma sufferers at home. Respira Sano is a project funded by PCORI in partnership with Comite Civico del Valle, Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo and SDSU IBACH Insititute.


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