To accomplish Asthma Control, the patient should know and avoid the factors that trigger or worsen asthma symptoms such as:





















Avoid unsafe cleaning products that may trigger an asthma attack. Products such as:

  • Aerosol spray products

  • Air fresheners

  • Chlorine bleach

  • Detergent and dishwashing liquid

  • Dry cleaning chemicals

  • Rug and upholstery cleaners

  • Furniture and floor polish

  • Oven cleaners 


Click here to find a list of alternatives safe cleaning products and recipies.





Source: GlaxoSmithKline


Avoid Asthma Triggers

Even though asthma is a common and potentially serious chronic disease that imposes a substantial burden on patients and their families, asthma can be effectively treated and most patients achieve good control of their asthma. When asthma is under control, patients can:

  • Avoid troublesome symptoms during day and night

  • Need little or no reliever medication

  • Have productive, physically active lives

  • Have normal or near normal lung function

  • Avoid serious asthma flare-ups (exacerbations or attacks)


Asthma Triggers

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