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September 21, 2015

Respira Sano Launches Media Campaign

BRAWLEY, CA – Respira Sano Project launched a public communications campaign to educate and inform Imperial Valley’s community about asthma, its symptoms, management and air quality.


Through local newspapers, radio and TV stations, Respira Sano aims to provide valuable information to local residents and raise awareness of the asthma problem in our community. A website has been also launched offering a more detailed and comprehensive information regarding asthma condition and services from Respira Sano Project (


For more information of the communications campaign please contact Israel Cruz, Communications Coordinator,  at



Respira Sano is a community program designed to provide educational and informative support to Imperial Valley families who have asthma sufferers at home. Respira Sano is a project funded by PCORI in partnership with Comite Civico del Valle, Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo and SDSU IBACH Insititute.


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